The Penang Street Food Festival Return

Back by popular demand as part of the Penang International Food Festival, the much-loved and enjoyable Street Food Festival will be held for a second time this year. Other than a food celebration for us all, this time round, the Penang Street Food Festival is also held in conjunction with the 60th Merdeka Celebration.

The return of the festival brings you extraordinary highlights. Visitors will be taken back in time to the 70’s where foodies can enjoy unique delicacies enhanced by nostalgia for two consecutive days. To ensure only the best is presented, a massive team of renown hawkers from all parts of the state will come together to ensure you of a refreshing and sensuous feast. Streets such as Lebuh Pantai and its adjacent roads Lebuh Bishop, Lebuh Gereja and Gat Lebuh Gereja will be transformed, leading you down memory lane of the good old days.

Widely credited as the “Culinary Capital of Malaysia”, Penang offers endless choices of mouth-watering dishes, and it is proven that its unique taste will make you want to return for more. Penang has received numerous international recognitions for our successes. To name a few, two of Penang’s street food made it into the World Street Food Top 50 list at the World Street Food Congress 2017. In 2016, Penang’s Assam Laksa was listed as one of the World’s Hottest Street Food by CNN and The Culture Trip listed George Town as one of The 15 Best Cities in The World for Food. Right at the start of 2017, the CNN listed Penang as one of the 17 best places to visit in the world. In the Australian tourist website, Penang was listed no. 13 out of 25 of the best streets in the world that you must visit before you die, with food as the main attraction. Street food has been one of the many things Penang received accolades for since 2011.

More than 100 hawker stalls will be featured at the Penang Street Food Festival, with a selection of Malay, Chinese and Indian cuisines. Famous must-eats from both the mainland and the island will be brought together, giving you the chance to taste them all at one place!

A special performance by famous illusionist Avery Chin will be featured on 2 September. Avery together with his wife was awarded Guinness World Record in 2016 for a record-breaking “quick change” act. On top of this, there’ll be a fun fair to add to the fun and festive atmosphere of the two evenings. Though still along the lines of the Street Food Festival which you greatly enjoyed, be sure to follow us closely for the surprises happening this 1 & 2 Sept. The excitement is brand new!

An official opening ceremony will be held on 1st September 2017, from 8pm to 9pm at the main stage, located on Gat Lebuh Gereja. The event will be officiated by the Penang Chief Minister, YAB Lim Guan Eng.

The 2-day festival is organised by TLM Event with the endorsement of the Penang State Government and the support of Penang Island City Council (MBPP) and Penang Global Tourism (PGT).

The birth of PIFF 2017 on 15-30 April 2017 firmly established Penang as a food capital, drawing foodies from near and far. For 16 days, Penang was a foodies’ paradise as the old and new were brought together to sizzle and excite everyone’s palate the Penang way! PIFF 2017 offered the entire range of tastes, flavours and textures of Penang, from humble hawker stalls to highly acclaimed restaurants. The festival showcased a variety of cooking styles, giving everyone the chance to enjoy the best of Penang food. Not only palates were satisfied, but knowledge was broadened, as exhibitions and performances were scheduled to explain the cultural origins of dishes available in Penang.