About PIFF 2019

Back by popular demand, the Penang International Food Festival returns for 16 “foodtastic” days! For the 3rd consecutive year, PIFF 2019 will take off from 13 April through to 28 April 2019, with three major events held over three weekends and 12 other smaller-scale events happening throughout the 16 days.

This 16-day food festival aims to celebrate the marvellous diversity of delicacies worldwide, whilst showcasing the humble authenticity of local food found in the Pearl of the Orient. Visitors can immerse in a scrumptious and lively food paradise filled with mouth-watering food at PIFF 2019.

PIFF 2019 brings you three major events namely, Street Food Festival, Taste of Penang and Penang Seafood Galore. Other pocket events happening during PIFF2019 includes Mini Festivals, Food Trails, Competitions, Dining Experiences, a Sharing Session and a pre-event Photography Competition starting from 12 February 2019 (Monday).

Main Events

Lebuh Pantai comes alive with much-loved Penang’s hawker dishes. The festival will bring together hawkers who have honed their skills through the years to ensure only the best is available, all under one roof.

Jalan Kelawai will play host to some of Penang’s most popular cafes and restaurants! Instead of having to visit Penang’s many different eateries and hotels, check out Taste of Penang where all the ‘must-eats’ will be!

Malaysia’s biggest outlet mall turns into a playground for seafood lovers, serving up oceans of delights that are bound to spoil diners. From gourmet cuisines to delicious street food, every seafood imaginable and more will be available at this glorious event.

Mini Festivals

Acquaint yourself with the local, iconic Kopi ‘O’ as well as western concoctions such as rich, aromatic espresso. Pair your cuppa’ with a variety of colourful Penang Nyonya kuih – once a palm-sized pleasure, now an Instagram superstar. The elegant remains of this former bus station are just what you need to embrace the comfort only coffee can offer.

Blending centuries-old culinary practices and exotic spices sourced from native lands, Mini Curry Festival is a celebration of all things curry. Jump fork first into a wide array of alluring curry dishes ranging from Eurasian and Vietnamese to Japanese curry. It is a jamboree of sensory experiences – from the super spicy to the mucho mild!

What do we say to dieting? Not today! Drop everything because the RM2 Mini Food Festival is back! Indulge in yummy delights in miniature sizes priced only at RM2, from vendors who have been hand picked for the festival. These pop-up kitchens are dishing up everything from Char Koay Teow and Assam Laksa to Mee Goreng and more.

Feeling peckish? Need a quick bite to tame your growling tummy? Grab your favourite #nomnomnom  with a front-row view of the Straits of Malacca as food trucks are set to roll into the beachside of Gertak Sanggul for the first time. Our food truck line-up will feature the best food on wheels, ranging from local favourites to international classics.

A sizzling seaside barbecue feast – surf and turf style. The Mini Barbecue Feast brings together food which are best grilled, including seafood, poultry, vegetables and even marshmallows. Don’t forget those melt-in-your-mouth-fall-off-the-bone steaks and ribs. Have your dinner served with a side of stunning sunset, right by the beach of the idyllic Batu Ferringhi. Come on out. We have a place set for you.

Food Walks

Uncover the sinfully delicious food landscape of mainland’s Apollo Market. We’ll show you what’s good to eat on the other side of Penang. Tuck into a wide array of local street food at Apollo Market as the tour guide brings you to taste each of them to excite your taste buds!

The ​Pasar ​or market is where most Penangites do their daily food shopping, making it the best place to discover Penang-style breakfast food such as Apom, Char Koay Teow, Hokkien Mee and more. Eat your way through the charming and extremely delicious neighbourhood of Pulau Tikus. Taste up to five varieties of Penang-style breakfast food while learning about the history of the food. Anyone with an interest in Penang’s heritage cuisine and culture will benefit. We guarantee you will not walk away hungry.

Dining Experiences

Dancing and food are both good for your body, but these two have not been brought together until now. Witness a story come alive through food and dance. This unique dining experience, specially curated for PIFF 2019, uses food as a gateway for audiences to understand the dance. It is a new dining concept that will surely elevate your dining experience.

Take in the stunning views of the island and the mainland over a dazzling meal aboard one of Penang’s beloved attractions. You’ll have the privilege of having a privately-chartered vessel to yourself and fellow diners in this one-of-a-kind dining experience. The newly opened Vouk Hotel will be preparing a sumptuous street delights buffet for hungry passengers-cum-diners.

Uncork your tastebuds. Follow your nose. There is so much more to pairing wine than ‘white wines with fish and red wines with meat’. Get the best advice for your food and wine pairing needs at this wine retreat. The Feringgi Grill’s elegant ambience accentuates the sensory experience.


PIFF Photography Contest 2019

Let’s take part in our pre-event photography contest and stand a chance to win cash prizes! The Penang International Food Festival Photography Contest 2019 will run from 12 February to 22 March. With the theme ‘Penang, Food Paradise of Asia’, the judges are looking to award truly eye-catching photographs that best capture Penang food moments.

PIFF Latte Art Throwdown 2019

PIFF Latte Art Throwdown on 20 April 2019, alongside the Taste of Penang major event. The Latte Art Throwdown is a Free-Pour Latte Art Challenge, where latte artists compete against each other to deliver the best latte art! So step up and smash out some fiercely creative latte art at the PIFF Latte Art Throwdown 2019.

PIFF Professional Chef Cooking Competition 2019

There will also be a Professional Chef Cooking Competition on 28 April 2019, alongside the Penang Seafood Galore major event. Go head to head with other professional chefs and deliver your best rendition of seafood-based dish as you slice, dice, and chop your way to win the coveted prize. So hurry on up and submit your registration form by 7 April 2019.

Green Concept​

In line with the state government’s call to promote green initiatives, visitors are urged to minimise the usage of plastic and plastic straws and to bring containers or tiffins, as well as reusable cutleries.

Plastic bags will not be provided at the festival. However, visitors can purchase PIFF merchandise at RM5 each which will be sold at the event.

Additionally, Penang aspires to be a liveable city that is cleaner, greener, healthier and safer. Visitors are encouraged to make a difference by picking up after themselves and refrain from littering the streets.

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